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How can I activate my CARES Portal account?

Your account will be activated once the District Ports have evaluated your identity and authority to transact with the Bureau. You may use the following email addresses to send a Request for CARES Portal Account Activation:

P03 - Port of NAIA:
P04 - Port of Batangas:
P12 - Port of Davao

Please use the template below for your request for activation

Email To: [Please select one of the email addresses from the table above]
Email Subject: Request for CARES Portal Account Activation
Email Body: I confirm, under penalties of falsification and perjury, that all attached files are faithful reproductions of the original documents and shall be considered as actionable documents for purposes of prosecuting a person if the attached files are found to be fraudulent pursuant to relevant laws and issuances.

For further verification and authentication of the attached documents, I may be reached at the following contact numbers:

[Provide all Landline Phone and/or Mobile Phone Numbers here]

[Provide name of person who registered the account here]
Email Attachments:
  1. Scanned copy (front and back) of a Government Issued Identification Card.
  2. CPRS Certificate of Registration of the registered user, or the company/entity on whose behalf that the registered user will be transacting for.
  3. Authorization letter from the company/entity on whose behalf the registered user will be transacting for. The registered user must be the party specifically authorized in said letter.
  4. Any other documents that will attest to the identity or authority of the registered user to transact with the BOC.

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